Collaboration is a crucial spice in the recipe for success!

Collaboration is crucial for the success of a company. Especially when a startup is growing and people are being divided into departments, it is necessary to form the network between the same.

Software companies have customers as a final destination but there are a lot of things happening behind closed doors. Even though companies tend to solve issues on a daily basis, it is from time to time beneficiary for everyone in the company to have a good overview of the mutual collaboration in each department. Teamwork is our strong side and one of our core values, so we created a special event for the purpose.

A perfect way to find the gaps in the team is to get out of the box (in our case the office) clear our heads of daily issues and see the weak points and the bigger picture.

And of course, we as always are putting ourselves completely into the needs of the company since we are driven from the passion for technology.

Effective interdepartmental communication ensures that all departments are on the same page as work situations change. And so with such events, not only we communicate better, but we go faster towards accomplishing our goals.

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