Interview with Fin Hackathon Winners

Interview with the Winners of the Fin Hackathon Organized by the Ministry of Finance


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The Fin Hackathon organized by the Ministry of Finance was recently held in Skopje. Two teams were winners at the Hackathon.

The teams created a simple and super useful web app that allows visitors to quickly understand the basic budget data. This is what the FinHackaton team members said regarding the Hackathon.

You created a website that presents the budget. Could you tell us a bit more about the project?

During the 48-hour Hackathon, we tried to find the simplest way to present the budget of the Republic of Macedonia.

And that is our project – an interactive web application which presents the main components of the budget in a simple way and shows where the money of the citizens is spent.

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How will this approach contribute to better understanding the financial system?

The current budget on the Ministry of Finance website presents data that is hardly understandable for the average citizen. With our approach present precise and summarized data to the citizens.

Additionally, we integrated an educational segment with a simple description of the technical vocabulary.

Why did you choose this approach?

The goal was to design a solution that would be easy to understand and use. We did something that should be done by every business – we listened to potential users and met their needs.

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What is your overall experience with the Hackathon?

The event had a great working atmosphere. We had absolute technical and logistical support from the mentors and volunteers who readily responded to our requests.

What are your plans for the future development?

Right now we are finishing the solution. We are focused on creating a quality product that will surpass the expectations of the Hackathon.

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