National Budget on Web App

The Budget of the Republic of Macedonia Will Be Presented by a Web App Designed by the Fin Hackathon Winners


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Last weekend, from 6 to 8 July, the Ministry of Finance of Macedonia in collaboration with the Fund of Innovations and Technology Development organized a Fin Hackathon held at the premises of the Ministry. The task on the hackathon was to develop a web app, a video and a game which will present the budget of the Republic of Macedonia in a more accessible and transparent manner to the citizens.

The participants had only 48 hours to finish the task, during which time they resided in the Ministry of Finance. The price for the winner was 1.5 million MKD and an opportunity to start their own business. The contestants that took part were divided into seven teams, each consisting of three to six persons – programmers, designers, economists and software developers.

The winner of the hackathon was not only one, one but two of the teams. The teams will share the monetary rewards and will work together with the Ministry and the Fund on the developing the final products, which will soon be available to the citizens.

The Minister of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia, Dragan Tevdovski, stated that the best ideas originate from the people and that the citizens created an app, a video and a game that would make public finances more accessible for them. Tevdovski also added that there was a great interest to participate in the hackathon. The hackathon jury consisted of the Minister of Finance Tevdovski, the director of the Fund of Innovations Jovan Despotovski, as well as academic community representatives, NGO representatives and experts.

“The budget of a country is the most comprehensive documents of all projects and policies implemented by the Government. This is the reason why this hackathon focused on the budget. The citizens’ budget takes a new form, more accessible and understandable to the public”, declared the minister.

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