What we did, where we are, and what we want to be…

A successful company has to have clear goals and follow them. Part of the success is learning from mistakes, reviewing them, find new ways of implementing new things and go towards challenges.

To have a successful story it is crucial to have a good planning of the future actions in the company. You cannot go about purposelessly and wait for the work-day to be over. You have to know where you were in the past, where you stand in the present and where you want to be in the future. Additionally, it often happens that colleagues who do not work in the same or similar fields are often unfamiliar with the work of their associates. These are the two main reasons why did Invictus Solutions’ staff did a break from everyday activities and made actions to see the big picture.

We went into different office space and got down to business. These three days were filled with good vibrant energy and plenty of new ideas. In the end, the hard work gave the required results, even more than expected.

As we mentioned earlier, it happens in a company that not always everybody knows all the activities of the surrounding colleagues. Especially when the team is getting bigger and bigger, this gap needs to be filled. So did the “seniors” in our newly formed Business team have made the introduction into their work and this was actually an intro into the part “where we stood until now”. The Business team had the overview, the big picture of the marketing team activities, and the projects done until that moment.

While planning the next actions to be implemented, there were some parts, some departments that had to be developed. So we discovered that our present goals include an investment of time and resources in this.

Further, we talked about our future goals.

We planned the next campaigns for our products and services, including who is doing which part, plan for the resources and the ways to run the campaigns.

It is part of everyone’s job to face challenges. We at Invictus Solutions are happy to face them every time they come around and we are even happier to create them.

And, as the great Tomas Edison would say: “The value of an idea lies in the using of it” so did we start immediately to get down to business and make our hands dirty.

But before what would be these days without a little celebration… So did we toasted to our colleague’s anniversary at the company. Life is always better with a smile on our faces…

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