Will Laika be the new LinkedIn on the Balkans?

Nowadays is very hard to find professionals on the tech job market. Tech professionals not only look for a job, but also challenging projects, possibility for growth, and a good team. Laika is the name behind which stand team of 12 programmers, entrepreneurs, geeky marketers and designers.

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Laika enables professionals from the Balkan countries to stay anonymous and to get offers from each country’s IT companies.

How it works?

The platform is completely free of charge to use. It guarantees you’ll be anonymous until you would like to see who wants to offer you job and under which conditions. You enter your skills, desired salary, position, technologies with which you work, location etc. and then the companies can contact you and vice versa.

Companies would have the opportunity to connect with tallents from Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia and present their team, offices, culture and projects. They will also get insight into the interest for the company with recommendation how to get better in order to keep their employees.

30 companies will test this product, and only 100 will be selected to join in the early stage. If you want your company to get possibility for access in the early stage, click here.

Laika promises that will be always free for tech professionals, they will not share any data with anyone, that they will take care about the users, that they will reinvest 5% of the profit for the environment, they will secure the best possibilities and they will sponsor independent programmers in solving social issues.

Register here to be one of the first 1000 talents to explore.

Original source: it.mk

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